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About Us

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About Us

Levitate is a full service Wedding Planning company founded in 2011 and based in Bangalore, India. We have the joy of helping families realize their vision of a beautiful wedding. We work round the clock so our clients can enjoy their wedding and avoid the many problems that can occur.

While we have handled many high profile and NRI weddings, we equally enjoy planning smaller scale creative weddings. We have experience across a wide range of backgrounds and budgets. We are familiar with the customs for most castes and religions.

Anujna Ravikumar

Anujna Ravikumar


Anujna RaviKumar

There’s Paulo Coelho’s popular adage which states, ‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ In all honesty, Levitate Events is a result of a similar train of thought. At 26, I’m still an fledgling entrepreneur who wishes to make it big in the world of weddings – with a connect, to get events to come alive and most importantly have real emotions displayed by real people. 
Levitate is predominantly into weddings. We are obsessed with big fat Indian weddings! Yep, the team loves all things festive, luxe, India, happy and bling! We love life and the myriad hues and moods it brings with it. But, that’s not all. The whole agenda is to infuse a wee bit of life into rituals. It is important for guests to feel at ease, for families to feel satisfied and the bride and groom to be happy. The focus, irrespective of the budget, has been that.  

Armed with an MBA, I have always wanted to venture out, and Levitate, by all means is exactly just that.  Ah, yes! I often go to my parents and brother. Of course, I love unwinding with my favorites after a long day.

So, what brings you here? Got another wedding on the card? Either way, let us know! Drop me a mail (insert id) and let me know your thoughts!